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          Water treatment    Carbonate series    Sulfate series    Nitrate series    Chloride    Fluoride salt    Other    Phosphate series  

        the about

        Tianjin Tongxin Chemical Co., Ltd.

        Tianjin Tongxin Chemical Co., Ltd.(Tianjin Tongxin Chemical Factory) is located in Tianjin Langyuan Industry Park, enjoying a convenient geographic location and transportation networks. We have been engaged in the manufacturing industry for over ten years as an international trader of chemical raw materials and chemical products.

        Contact us

        Address: 20-2-202, Zhiguyuan, east of Jingjin Road, Shuangjie Town, Beichen District, Tianjin
        Fax: +86-22-26972829 26978227 85100668
        E-mail: 18902017646@126.com
        Manager: Zhu Huiyun +86-13802097097

        the news

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